The main victims of bullying in Russian women's colonies named

Human rights activist Litvinovich: murderers of children are most often subjected to violence in women's colonies suspected of killing children or attempting to kill a child. Human rights activist Marina Litvinovich told in an interview to that they often become the main victims of bullying.

According to her, a cruel attitude is found even in the Moscow pre-trial detention center – women are beaten and their belongings are thrown out to the cell door with the words “go away”. In colonies, punishments can be even harsher. “Collective punishment by beating is a common practice. They also declare boycotts if a woman somehow misbehaves. They can even forcibly shave their heads, ruin things, “the human rights activist explained.

According to Litvinovich, a doctor from Kaliningrad, Elena Belaya, who, according to investigators, allegedly” in order to improve the performance of the maternity hospital “deliberately killed a premature newborn by injecting him with a lethal dose of magnesium sulfate. Russian doctors tried to present what happened as death during childbirth.

The human rights activist added that obstetrician Yuliana Ivanova, who is involved in the case of surrogate babies, was also beaten. The investigating authorities qualify the case as “human trafficking”. In 2020, Ivanova complained of beatings by inmates. The case was opened in January last year, when four babies were found in one of the apartments in Odintsovo near Moscow, one of whom was dead. In addition to Ivanova, several more doctors pass through it.

“Moreover, this doctor is a great professional, laureate of various awards, and the case of surrogate babies is very similar to a custom one. And now, having got to the Moscow SIZO No. 6, she faced such cruelty. And the same thing happens in the zones, “Litvinovich explained.

On October 5, the human rights project published a video of the rape of prisoners in the hospital of the Saratov Federal Penitentiary Service. According to human rights activist Vladimir Osechkin, 40 gigabytes of video recordings of the torture of prisoners were filmed by FSIN officers on service video recorders. Later, other recordings of the torture of prisoners began to appear. Criminal cases were initiated, the situation was taken over by the Prosecutor General's Office, the State Duma and the Federation Council.

On November 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed the head of the Federal Penitentiary Service, Alexander Kalashnikov. According to Interfax, the reason was the resonance around the situation with torture in the colonies. The head of state appointed Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Colonel-General of Internal Service Arkady Gostev as the new head of the department.



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