The doctor named a way to fall asleep faster and have more dreams

Doctor Raj: when sleeping in a cool place, melatonin slowing down the aging is better produced

British doctor Karan Raj named a way to sleep better and see more dreams – to do this, you need to keep the temperature in the bedroom cool. He shared this information with users in his TikTok account.

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According to Raj, melatonin is produced better in cool conditions, which is responsible not only for the quality of sleep, but is also considered a hormone that slows down the aging process. To fall asleep, the body needs to lower the body temperature, and in a cool room this happens naturally, and a person falls asleep faster and sleeps better, he added.

Another benefit of sleeping in the cold is dreaming, the doctor says. Since the brain does not have to spend time and effort to lower body temperature, it can relax and fall into deep sleep.

“Sleeping in a cold room can improve metabolism. There are studies that show that exposure to cold can increase the amount of brown fat produced by stem cells, ”said Raj. Brown fat helps regulate cholesterol and blood glucose levels, and it also improves insulin sensitivity, the doctor concluded.

Earlier, an American doctor who studies sleep, Rebecca Robbins, spoke about the dangers of lack of sleep. According to the expert, during the day the brain produces toxins, the accumulation of which is associated with the loss of cognitive abilities.