The demographer considers the problem of the next decade, which Putin has named, is unsolvable

Demographer Denisov: the problem of demography in Russia is insoluble “Called the demographic problem in Russia insoluble.

” It is insoluble, especially by Putin. This is just an objective state of affairs, it does not depend on politics. COVID-19 must be overcome, and then we will see. A lot of people died from him: from a million to 300 thousand, the estimate in 2022 is predicted, “Denisov believes.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin admitted that the demographic problem of Russia does not allow him to sleep at night, and he considers it to be the main one for the country for the next decade. He recalled that there were two natural declines in demographic development in Russia: during the Great Patriotic War and after the collapse of the Soviet Union. According to the head of state, Russia “managed to get this stone off the ground” and “we know how to do it.”