Russians were given advice on the protection of personal data

Rostelecom-Solar: to protect data, you must use backup

Rostelecom-Solar expert Alexei Kubarev told how protect personal data from online fraudsters. The expert gave advice to the Russians in an interview with RIA Novosti.

First of all, the expert urged not to install applications from unverified sources, as there is a risk of downloading a malicious program. “The situation when a program requests access to a media library, microphone or camera, but this is not required to perform functions, should alert,” Kubarev warned.

The expert also recommended setting up automatic software updates. He noted that application developers fix security problems in almost every update. “The community of hackers is closely monitoring this, because if a patch is released that covers a vulnerability, then you can attack those who did not have time to update and are still vulnerable,” he said.

Kubarev explained that most cyber attacks contain phishing elements. For example, fraudsters often create fake sites with big sales to gain access to victims' banking details in online transactions. He advised to enter the names of online stores in a search engine and go exclusively to official sites in order to avoid hacker attacks on clone sites.

Attackers can also gain access to personal data of users through information published in the public domain, warned specialist. According to him, if hackers have access to the login, as a rule, they can easily guess the password. The expert advised to set complex passwords. At the same time, Kubarev noted that one should not use the same password to log into accounts of different services.

The specialist also recommended using data backup, since in case of a successful cyber attack, the data on the user's device will be encrypted, and attackers will demand a ransom for decryption keys. Moreover, payment is not a guarantee of data return.



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