Russians warned about changes in laws from December 1

Izvestia: from December 1, the Russians are expected to change, including free social Internet

December. Izvestia reminds of the new innovations that come into force.

As the newspaper writes, from December a law on “free Internet” will work in Russia, now access to a number of socially important sites can be obtained even with a zero balance.

These sites must be controlled or created by Russian citizens operating in the country and located in the .ru, .рф, .su or .deti zones. At least 50 percent of the audience must be located in Russia. In total, the list includes 371 resources, including a public service portal, news aggregators, search services and some social networks and individual online stores.

In addition, from December 1, Russia will be able to block websites created by financial fraudsters without a court decision. We are talking about sites that imitate the official sites of banks and financial organizations, as well as resources that offer participation in financial pyramids or illegal access to databases of banks and their information systems. In addition, from December a law will come into force in Russia, which obliges operators to enter data about each SIM card user into the state database. This method will help fight telephone fraudsters and the use of numbers in the interests of terrorist organizations.

Also, from the beginning of the month, the federal law on labeling of goods will come into force. It provides for administrative liability for violation of mandatory labeling requirements, including for medicinal products for medical use. At the same time, criminal liability will threaten for the production, acquisition, storage and sale using deliberately fake markings.

Speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin said earlier about the new laws that come into force in December. He spoke about the beginning of the pre-trial blocking of sites advertising financial pyramids, access to services that are socially significant for citizens, responsibility for the sale of unlabeled products and the beginning of measures to limit greenhouse gas emissions.