Russian schoolchildren movement gathered young volunteers

The final of the competition of the Russian movement of schoolchildren “Good does not go on vacation” has begun

The final event of the competition “Goodness does not go on vacation”, which is held by the Russian movement of schoolchildren, has begun. In the Odintsovo district, 200 young volunteers and 55 educators-curators of volunteer teams from 55 regions of Russia gathered.

“It's no secret that Good Doesn't Go on Vacation is a competition that started in 2018. Now this is not just a competition – it is a big trend in the Russian movement of schoolchildren. There are already more than one and a half million of us in the country, and I think that there are few activists of the movement who are not associated with volunteering. Volunteering is the most important component of any character, of any personality, which forms the values ​​that our movement broadcasts, that is, the values ​​that every citizen of our big country has, ”said Alexander Kudryashov, director of Rosdetcenter.

< p>The participants of the festival – laureates and winners of the competition “Good does not go on vacation” – these are the school teams that during the year brought to life their school volunteer projects and helped needy elderly people, children, as well as animals.

The participants were addressed by the chairman of the Russian movement of schoolchildren Sergei Ryazansky. He noted the importance of human indifference in the modern world and praised the children and teachers for the work done.

“I want to say a huge thank you and congratulate your teachers who help you make your wonderful projects, realize your ideas, which give you good interesting ideas. I am absolutely sure that by talking to each other, talking with children from other cities, other regions, you will bring back to your schools new ideas, new projects, new approaches. I really, really, hope that other people, looking at you, looking at the most active, the best guys of the Russian movement of schoolchildren, will also be able to get involved in volunteering projects – whatever it may be, it is so multifaceted. And most importantly, keep going. What you are doing is already unambiguously cool, unambiguously cosmically. Thank you very much, space! ” – Sergei Ryazansky turned to the participants.

Participants of the individual track of the competition came to the festival, did good deeds every day, actively developed the project “Map of Shelters for Homeless Animals in Russia” and showed a good example to their peers.

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