Russian doctors explain hair loss in patients after COVID-19

Tokarev and Galliamova: hair loss in postcovid disease depends on gender, age and drugs hair. The reasons for this process were explained by the scientific director of the society of preventive medicine specialists, the chief profilactologist of the Ural Federal District Sergey Tokarev and professor of the Department of Dermatovenereology and Cosmetology of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education Yulia Gallyamova, the words of doctors are quoted by

Tokarev noted that the loss hair in post-coid syndrome depends on gender, age and concomitant diseases. At the same time, hair loss in vaccinated patients is rare.

“If a patient is vaccinated, everything proceeds more easily and such symptoms are less common. Hair can fall out even after a mild form of the disease – the reasons for this are neurological, vascular and endocrine disruptions, ”Tokarev said.

According to Gallyamova, hair loss after coronavirus is a temporary phenomenon. It depends on the medications the patient took.

“In any case, the hair will be restored, because this is a temporary, so-called reactive hair loss, which can be associated with a reaction to a high temperature and the general condition of the body “, – explained the doctor.

Earlier, Gallyamova said that she was recently visited by a patient without a thumbnail. The woman complained that the detachment occurred simultaneously with hair loss after suffering from COVID-19. According to the physician, at the moment, dermatologists distinguish urticaria and dermatitis among the postcoid symptoms. She stressed that over time there will only be more of them.