Revealed the attitude of Russians to the migration crisis in Belarus

VTsIOM: 44 percent of Russians believe that Belarus should help migrants return home -polish border. It turned out that 44 percent of the respondents believe that Minsk should help refugees return home. The results are published on the center's website.

Most often, Russians believe that the European Union is more likely to blame for the migration crisis – 36 percent of respondents said so. Another 22 percent found it difficult to name those responsible. 15 percent believe that the Belarusian authorities are to blame.

At the same time, the answers differ by age group. Thus, among Russians aged 18-24, 36 percent blame the Belarusian authorities for the crisis, and only 10 percent blame the European Union. Among respondents aged 60 and over, on the contrary, 7 percent believe that Minsk is to blame, 47 percent – that the EU.

When asked what the Belarusian authorities should do with migrants, 44 percent of Russians found it difficult to answer. 18 percent said that they need to be deported, 17 percent – that they need help and humanitarian aid.

When the respondents were offered several answers, 44 percent chose the option that the Belarusian authorities should help migrants return home. 27 percent agreed that Minsk should agree with Poland on the border crossing by refugees.

When asked how Russia should act in this situation, 32 percent of citizens expressed the opinion that there is no need to interfere. Almost the same number (31 percent) found it difficult to answer. 10 percent of Russians believe that it is necessary to support Belarus or provide humanitarian aid.

The migration crisis on the border of Belarus with Poland and Lithuania escalated on November 8. Several thousand migrants from the Middle East have gathered there, trying to get into the EU. The West claims that the Belarusian authorities organized the crisis.



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