Revealed a way to disable tracking on Android 12

Android 12 found a feature to disable personalized ads

Wired reporters listed the main privacy settings that need to be applied in Android 12. About this available on the website of the publication.

The authors noted that in the new OS from Google, you can disable the personal advertising identifier, which allows applications to receive data from the device and actually follow the user. This setting can be found in the “Confidentiality” section, where the “Advertising” item with the “Remove advertising identifier” button is located. “This does not mean that you no longer see ads, it just will not be based on your behavior and personal data,” the journalists explained.

Also, experts have revealed a way to control permissions for applications in Android 12. In the section “Privacy Control Panel” you can choose the privileges that certain programs have. Also in this section you can see what information about the user was collected by specific applications.

In addition, in the quick settings of the operating system there is a menu with which you can quickly deny a certain program access to a microphone or camera.

Android 12 was publicly released in early October. First of all, the new OS was released on smartphones of the Google Pixel series, then the OS will be released on their devices by other manufacturers.



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