Putin urged to make the ruble exchange rate more stable

Russian President Putin: the main task is to reduce the volatility of the ruble

Russia's main task in the context of increasing payments in rubles is to reduce the volatility of the national currency. President Vladimir Putin called on the country's President Vladimir Putin to make the ruble exchange rate more stable at the Russia Calling! Forum, broadcast by RBK.

the volume of settlements in rubles is increasing here, for us, of course, the main task is to reduce volatility, “he said.

Putin also explained the need for the country to leave the dollar. According to him, Russia is forced to do this because of the US authorities, including because of the sanctions. “Russia will continue to move away from the dollar if the US does not change its policy,” he stressed.

In addition, the president said that Russia would not engage in populism and print additional money in order to achieve short-term results. Putin acknowledged that in recent years, citizens' incomes have declined. He estimated food inflation at ten percent.

The President did not rule out new measures to support citizens, based on the available opportunities. The head of state recalled the previously adopted measures of social support for low-income citizens, including lump-sum payments to pensioners and families with school-age children.



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