Popular blogger confessed to sex addiction

Blogger Roma Acorn admitted that he has been suffering from sex addiction for more than seven years now name – Ignat Kerimov) spoke about his sex addiction and admitted that he had been suffering from it for seven years. He shared the details of his personal life in the new project “Acorn. Confession “on the Premier video service.

” I have been living in a vicious circle of sex addiction for more than seven years. Yes, I have sex addiction, and this is a real disease, “- said the blogger. “When you are not having sex, in the case of sex addiction, on the second day you experience so strong aggression, pain, shame and guilt for the fact that all this was in your life that you just want to get out of your body,” he explained he is his own state.

“I just devoted all my free time to finding sex, going to places where people have sex, texting, sending their photos,” Acorn admitted. According to him, during the night he could send a huge number of people about 300 messages with his intimate photos.

“And you just do not understand at this moment what is happening to your brain, because it controls you, but for you this is the only way to survive, because you cannot stop it, “he said.

Earlier, the blogger disclosed the amount of his earnings in the field of escort services. The Russian YouTube star admitted that in the United States he earned at least $ 1,000 for accompanying a client at any public event.