The woman collected porn actresses' boyfriend for his birthday and had an orgy

Pornstar Samantha Saint called an orgy for boyfriend her most romantic act Former pornstar Samantha Saint had a birthday party for her boyfriend. The Daily Star writes about this. Related materials 00:03 – March 7 Feminist polygamist How one man could have five wives and 25 children and at the same time preserve love in the family? 00: 09 – March 17, 2016 Many lovers How does polyamory differ from polygamy and why “open” more steam This came up during the Private Talks podcast, in which Saint participated. Its host, Alexis Texas, who also starred in porn in the past, asked her about the most romantic act she had done for her partner. “I gave my boyfriend a very good threesome,” she said. – Or not three? I don’t remember exactly how many people there were. ” According to the woman, she gathered for the 40th anniversary of her boyfriend

Россияне пожаловались на испорченные банками кредитные истории

По словам Юлии из Уфы, в начале ноября она подала две жалобы в Центробанк на «Открытие» за незаконные запросы ее данных в БКИ. У банка не было оснований запрашивать ее кредитную историю, а у бюро предоставлять их, рассказала она «Известиям», добавив, что планирует дальше пойти в суд за компенсацией. Другая участница спросила у форумчан совета, как «наказать» ВТБ, который без ее согласия только за август 2021-го запросил ее кредитную историю семь раз. В ВТБ «Известиям» сообщили, что кредитные истории запрашиваются только с согласия клиента. Банк полностью работает в правовом поле, заверили там, а случаи технических ошибок минимальны. В ФК «Открытие» оперативно не ответили на запрос. В Центробанке «Известиям» сообщили, что за 10 месяцев получили более 800 жалоб граждан на то, что их кредитная история запрашивалась и получалась кредиторами без их согласия. Согласно данным, опубликованным на сайте ЦБ, только за последний год в отношении «Открытия» регулятором было принято более 10 постановлений о привлечении к административной ответственности на основании ст. 14.29 КоАП РФ. В отношении ВТБ и МТС Банка — по пять аналогичных решений. В ЦБ рекомендуют гражданам оспаривать неправомерно внесенные сведения или запросы, обращаясь в БКИ, так как вся информация, содержащаяся у них, может быть использована кредитором при принятии решения.

Pelageya commented on the death of Gradsky

Singer Pelageya about Alexander Gradsky: mentor not only in the Voice project, but also in life Russian singer Pelageya ) commented on the death of the People's Artist of Russia, musician Alexander Gradsky. She posted a post on her Instagram page. The singer posted a video consisting of a photo with Gradsky. She also wrote that the musician was a mentor not only in the “Voice” project, but also in life. “Our dear, most important, most important Mentor. Not in the project, but in life. In what should be the person who has chosen the music and the stage. Decent. Principled. Touching. Uncompromising. Always on the side of Truth and Good “, – said the singer about the musician. She added that the” amazing, lifting “voice will never subside. Alexander Gradsky will be buried at Moscow's Vagankovsky cemetery on Wednesday 1 December. The musician passed away at the age of

In the USA, assessed the risks to the economy from the omicron strain

US Federal Reserve System: spread of omicron strain could lead to unemployment and inflation USA. This assessment was given by the chairman of the US Federal Reserve System Jerome Powell in a statement published on the official website of the department. “The increase in the incidence of coronavirus and the emergence of the omicron strain can lead to a decrease in employment, economic activity and inflation,” – Powell highlighted in the document. He explained that growing anxiety about the virus among the population of the country could lead to people being afraid to go to work, which in turn will affect the growth of unemployment and lead to a gap supply chains. The Fed chairman also noted that similar factors driving inflation will continue in 2022. Earlier, US President Joe Biden called the new omicron strain of coronavirus infection a cause for concern but not a cause for panic. At

Mishustin approved a new procedure for the payment of sick leave

Mishustin approved an unapproved procedure for the payment of benefits for temporary disability This is reported on the government website. According to the decree, from 2022, all sick leave certificates will be issued only in electronic form, and benefits for them will be calculated automatically. In addition, the unclaimed procedure applies to benefits for pregnancy and childbirth and at the birth of a child. Material assistance, as before, will be the Social Insurance Fund (FSS), but now all the necessary information will be sent to the fund by the employer. The FSS may request additional information from the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR), the Federal Tax Service (FTS) and other government agencies. Citizens will be notified of the appointment and payment of benefits on the portal of state services. As Mishustin previously emphasized, it will be more convenient for citizens to pay benefits to Russians without a claim, since they

The woman has transformed beyond recognition and angered subscribers with her youth

A blogger from the United States made nude makeup and rejuvenated beyond recognition. … The Sun journalists drew attention to the video published on TikTok. First, the American Chloe showed her face without make-up. The footage shows numerous wrinkles on the woman's face. Then the user applied nude makeup, styled her hair and put on a light blue top. The blogger showed that her skin became smoother and her complexion evened out, which made her look younger. “Yes, they are the same person. How many times do I have to say this? I'm just a transformer, “she signed the post. The video with Chloe's transformation went viral and gained 2.4 million views and 19.8 thousand likes. Subscribers felt that the blogger had changed beyond recognition, and scolded her for trying to deceive them. “This is your mother”, “This is definitely a mother and daughter”, “No, I don’t believe in it,

Oil prices predicted a sharp rise

Izvestia: analysts predict an increase in oil prices over $ 80 per barrel 76-77 dollars per barrel, and after the meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Producing Countries (OPEC +) – to overcome the mark of 80 dollars per barrel. This forecast was given by analysts interviewed by Izvestia. Financial communications expert Andrei Loboda noted that on Monday, November 29, oil prices began to rise again after a sharp collapse of more than 11 percent last week. Before the announcement of the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus omicron and the introduction of new restrictions in a number of countries on November 25, a barrel of Brent cost $ 82, and a day later – $ 72.8. Finam analyst Andrey Maslov recalled that in Late this summer, investors reacted similarly to reports of the Indian delta strain. Then quotations fell by eight percent in three days, but after only

Russians turned out to be more profitable to overtake cars from Europe

Autonews: moving used cars from Europe turned out to be more profitable than buying in Russia than buying within the country, Autonews reports. “Now that you can buy European currency for 83 rubles, it has become cheaper to bring in many used cars from Europe,” said an expert on the selection of used cars Kirill Chernov. He added that it is most profitable to bring used cars between the ages of three and five. Their “customs clearance” will be cheaper than for cars older than five years. Also a winning option is cars with motors of less than one and a half liters. For example, BMW X1, Audi A4, Volkswagen Passat. Chernov added that it makes sense to ferry cars from the EU if the budget for buying a used car exceeds one million rubles. “It's not a fact that in our secondary housing in this budget you will find

Russian rapper accused of drug propaganda

A protocol was drawn up for the Russian rapper OG Buda for drug propaganda A protocol for the propaganda of drugs online. This was reported by RIA Novosti. The protocol was registered by the Zyuzinsky court of Moscow on November 26. The date of its consideration has not yet been set. The musician faces a fine of 5 to 30 thousand rubles as an individual or from 50 to 100 thousand rubles as a citizen carrying out entrepreneurial activity. Previously a representative SK Alexander Bastrykin accused Morgenstern of drug dealing on the Internet. “Blogger Morgenstern sells drugs, in fact, on social networks. And we are sitting here, discussing abstractly what the highest value means, and human rights cannot be violated, “Bastrykin said. After that, it became known that Morgenstern left the country and went to the UAE. The musician's lawyer Sergei Zhorin said he was afraid of pressure from law

The United States spoke about the exercises of Russia and Belarus on the border with Ukraine

The Pentagon on the exercises of the Russian Federation and Belarus on the border with Ukraine: would not like to destabilize -Ukrainian border. The message about the upcoming exercises of the Union State troops was assessed at the Pentagon, TASS reports. Related materials15: 25-19 November Border station .Migrants on the border of Poland and Belarus – about a breakthrough to Europe, life in a camp and the fear of deportation00:01 – July 1, 2017 Not again, Will Belarus repeat the path of Ukraine, banning the Russian language The Pentagon noted that they would not want “destabilizing actions” in the tense situation on the border of Belarus. That Minsk plans to hold military exercises to cover the southern part of the border of Belarus, said Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin on November 29. A set of measures on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border is planned in the medium term. In September, the troops of