Myasnikov dispelled popular myths about weight loss

Dr. Myasnikov: diuretic teas for weight loss can lead to kidney failure on the channel “Russia 1” dispelled popular myths about sweeteners and diuretic teas. He warned that the former are not effective means for losing weight, and the latter can be dangerous to the body. The release is available on YouTube.

Myasnikov admitted that there are no calories in sweeteners, but the receptors perceive them as sugar, and insulin is released on them, which ultimately leads to weight gain. At the same time, if a sweet tooth who has eaten a kilogram of sugar suddenly switches to sugar substitutes, the first time, weight loss will occur. However, according to the doctor, the effect will be short-lived.

In addition, Myasnikov warned those losing weight about the dangers of diuretic teas. ‚ÄúThis is a dangerous and serious thing, especially if the tea is made in China. They may be called diuretics, but in fact they write on them: “For weight loss.” There is an incomprehensible number of all these hieroglyphs, and we do not know what they (teas – approx. “” ) contain, “the TV presenter warned. He added that if such tea is abused, a person risks facing kidney failure or heart problems.

Earlier, Myasnikov dispelled a common myth about the benefits of garlic. There is a common misconception that eating garlic can lower cholesterol levels, he said, but it hasn't been scientifically proven. At the same time, the physician believes that garlic should be part of the correct diet. Moreover, Myasnikov admitted that he regularly eats this product.



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