Malysheva assessed the danger of jaundice at different ages

Doctor Elena Malysheva: jaundice in newborns may be the norm , the release of which is available on the website of Channel One, assessed the danger of jaundice. According to her, at different ages, the body reacts to this syndrome in its own way. For example, in newborns, jaundice may be considered the norm and does not require treatment.

Malysheva's colleague in the program, pediatrician-immunologist Andrei Prodeus noted that physiological jaundice in newborns usually lasts no more than two weeks. This duration is considered the norm and suggests that the child's body is adapting to adulthood, Malysheva explained. “If suddenly we see intense jaundice, a [blood] test for the level of bilirubin is prescribed. And, if the numbers are high, we prescribe the very first, simplest and most harmless treatment – phototherapy, ”added Prodeus.

As for jaundice in adults, it does not apply to the norm. Moreover, it can be accompanied by a viral disease, for example, hepatitis A. Co-host, cardiologist-resuscitator Herman Gandelman said that this infection is transmitted by the fecal-oral route. “Globally, you became infected through your mouth: either you drank spring water, unboiled milk, or just poked in the ground and then ate a sandwich,” Gandelman cited examples of infection. The main symptoms in this form of jaundice are dark urine, yellow skin and white feces.

In case of infectious jaundice, the infected person is hospitalized. Under the supervision of doctors, an adult patient undergoes complex treatment with various drugs. To avoid such consequences, doctors recommend getting vaccinated. According to Gandelman, today they are vaccinated against hepatitis A and B. In the case of the first injection, it is necessary to do it once – there are enough antibodies for a lifetime. It is recommended to revaccinate against hepatitis B every three to five years.

“Jaundice in adults can never be the norm under any circumstances. Therefore, in the case of newborns, we make sure that it (jaundice – approx. “” ) was exactly as much as needed. In the case of adults, we treat unambiguously, “Malysheva concluded.

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