Lavrov called US confrontational schemes to contain other countries

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov reproached the United States for using confrontational schemes in the APR APR) to contain other countries. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov reproached Washington for violating “constructive, unifying tendencies in the APR”, reports TASS.

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Nevertheless, the minister named partners who share Moscow's approach to politics in the region. “This is our closest circle. This is the EAEU, CSTO, CIS, but also broader partnerships, primarily the key Eurasian organization – the SCO and such a new association as the BRICS, ”the diplomat noted.

Lavrov also emphasized the importance of the RIC troika ( Russia, India, China). “Recently a video conference took place. We have approved the detailed document. We continue to advocate for the democratization of international relations, “the Foreign Minister concluded.

Earlier it was reported that the US would expand its military presence and strengthen the corresponding infrastructure in Australia as part of the strategy to contain the PRC. It is also planned to expand infrastructure in the Pacific Islands and base aviation in Australia on a rotational basis.

Relations between Western countries and China have aggravated against the background of competition in the South China Sea. Beijing claims that a significant part of the international waters in the Asia-Pacific region belongs to the PRC. We are talking about disputed maritime areas in Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and others. The Chinese government is taking steps to strengthen control over the sea routes through which world trade passes.



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