In Canada, wanted to cancel the performance of a survivor of slavery in IS because of Islamophobia

Survivors of violence and slavery in IS were not allowed to speak in schools in Canada due to “Islamophobia” in Canada wanted to cancel the speech of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, UN Goodwill Ambassador and human rights activist from Iraq Nadia Murad, who survived abduction, torture and violence at the hands of Islamic State militants ( IS, a terrorist organization banned in Russia ) because of the unwillingness to “provoke Islamophobia.” This is reported by The Telegraph.

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However, the director of the largest Canadian council, Helen Fisher, refused the human rights activist, since, in her opinion, the book could be viewed as offensive to Muslims. Her position caused discontent among the students' parents. “IS is a terrorist organization. She has nothing to do with ordinary Muslims. TDSB needs to be aware of the difference, “said one parent.

Council spokesman Ryan Bird explained in a message to Fox News that Fisher's decision does not reflect TDSB's position and the cancellation of the speech is not final.

Human rights activist Nadia Murad received the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict in 2018.

Murad herself became a victim of sexual violence. It belongs to the Yezidi minority, a Kurdish ethnic group. In 2014, the Islamic State terrorist group, which seized parts of Syria and Iraq, began the genocide of the Yezidis. In the village of Nadi, hundreds of people were killed, and many young women and underage militants were kidnapped and held as sex slaves. Murad was able to escape the terrorists after three months.