Fraudsters stole an apartment from a Russian in a new building

In Volgograd, swindlers who sold housing on fake documents will be tried … A man lost square meters in a new building through the fault of swindlers: they forged housing documents and resold it to a 62-year-old pensioner. This was reported on the website of the regional prosecutor's office.

As the investigators found out, two residents of the region – 46-year-old and 53-year-old – in 2019 forged an agreement on equity participation in construction and an agreement on the assignment of claim rights, thus registering the right ownership of a two-room apartment in the Volgograd new building. Subsequently, they sold the property to a pensioner for 3.1 million rubles.

Over time, the real owner of the apartment found out that the square meters had been stolen, and went to court with a claim to return the property. The fictitiousness of the documents, according to which the apartment was re-sold, was confirmed in court. However, the men did not plead guilty for the deed.

The Central District Court of Volgograd will consider the criminal case against the swindlers who are already in custody. They face imprisonment for up to ten years.

Earlier in November, it became known that the attackers sold the Moscow apartment of the famous Russian actress Alla Kluka using forged documents. The scammers pulled off a cunning scheme during a pandemic, when the artist and her family left to work on a new film in New York.