Biden's bodyguard became famous on the net because of his attractive appearance

The bodyguard of the US President was caught on video and became famous on social networks view. The corresponding video, which made the man famous on social networks, appeared on TikTok.

A user with the nickname magsmur was filmed by an agent of the US Secret Service. The footage posted online shows the man wearing a blue jumper, gray pants, a black trench coat and brown leather shoes. The image of the security guard was complemented by sunglasses. In the video, he greeted his colleague, who was captured in a khaki down jacket, beige trousers and a red cap.

A team of bodyguards is known to accompany Biden and his family during a walk in downtown Nantucket, USA, on Sunday. November 28. Viewers appreciated the bodyguard and began to compliment his good looks in the comments below the post.

“What do I need to do to get the Secret Service arrested?”, “He's too good”, “How can you be so hot?”, “I'm a heterosexual man, but this video made me feel something.” “I worked with him and I can confirm that he is one of the hottest people on the planet,” they wrote.

In June, Joe Biden was shamed online for going public in sneakers. A BBC journalist photographed the head of state and his wife, Jill, at a hotel in Carbis Bay. The president was dressed in a black outfit, which consisted of trousers, a long sleeve and a coat. For shoes, Biden chose white sneakers. Users did not appreciate the appearance of the head of the United States and shamed him in publications on social networks.