Belief in astrology linked to low intelligence

Psychologists at Lund University linked belief in astrology with narcissism and low IQ

with narcissism and low intelligence quotient (IQ). The results of the study are published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

The authors of the work note that during the years of the coronavirus pandemic, belief in astrology has increased significantly, which may be a kind of response to stress. The aim of their new study was to find traits common to those who believe in pseudoscientific concepts that have no evidence. For this, experts conducted an online survey among 264 volunteers to determine their personal qualities and the degree of belief in astrological forecasts and horoscopes.

It turned out that those people who believed in astrology performed worse on tests to measure the coefficient intelligence. In addition, they were more likely to show signs of narcissism. This indicates that such people tend to be more self-centered than the average and see themselves as special people with innate leadership qualities. On the contrary, the more IQ points a person received, the less likely they are to be a supporter of astrology.