An elevator with a passenger fell in a Russian city

An elevator fell in a residential building on Marshal Konev Street in Irkutsk Interfax, citing an informed source.

According to him, an elevator with a passenger inside fell in a residential building on Marshal Konev Street. The lift began to move uncontrollably at the sixth floor and stopped at the third, as, according to preliminary information, the brakes worked.

“The man was there, previously, he got a bruised leg,” the agency's interlocutor said. The Russian was taken to the city hospital.

Earlier in November, a Russian woman who survived the blockade of Leningrad was fatally injured in the elevator of the Zeleny Kvartal boarding house located in the Leningrad Region. When the lift was moving, the stroller with the woman tipped over backward, as a result of which the victim hit her head and died.



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