Woman kicked out of cafe because of her husband's joke with Apple Watch

The spouse of a Reddit user was kicked out of the cafe because he said a curse on Apple Watch Reddit the story of how he made fun of his wife using an Apple Watch. The narrator used the gadget as a walkie-talkie, which is why his wife was kicked out of the cafe.

According to @chillydownfiregang, he and his wife have an Apple Watch. The couple liked the function of the gadget, which allows the watch to act as a walkie-talkie. “We fooled around with the walkie-talkie until my wife met her friend one day,” the author of the publication shared.

The man's wife took a watch with her to the meeting. In her absence, @chillydownfiregang decided to check if the radio would work when his wife was away. He turned on the option and uttered a curse. The narrator's partner at that moment was with her friend in a cafe. “From the point of view of the wife, it looked like this: her watch loudly cried out:” Ah-ah-ah, ***** [have sex] “, this was heard by her friend and some other visitors,” the author of the post described the situation./p>

A Reddit user added that his wife's friend was very confused by the sudden sound from the clock. “But the worst thing was that the owner of the cafe heard this and put my wife and girlfriend out the door,” lamented @chillydownfiregang.

The man clarified that the embarrassment happened in a small Seoul cafe, where there were about eight ten visitors. The author of the post also added that the restaurant offered his wife a refund for the food they paid for.

Many Reddit users found the man's story funny and suggested that the couple would remember it for a long time. “Sounds hilarious. Apologize to her for inviting her and her friend to have a drink somewhere, “one commenter suggested.

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