Wasserman responded to the call to cancel the exam

Anatoly Wasserman: The Unified State Exam has both disadvantages and advantages – For the truth, ”responded to the call of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Alexander Bastrykin to cancel the Unified State Exam (USE). On the air of the Public News Service, he said that the exam has its advantages.

“The USE is only a format for testing knowledge and understanding, it has significant disadvantages compared to the ticket verification system, but there are also advantages “, – Wasserman expressed his opinion. The publicist considers the main advantage of the exam to be the opportunity to check at once almost the entire range of knowledge on the subject, and not just one narrow direction indicated in the ticket. In addition, he noted that the USE allows school graduates to submit documents to any Russian university, regardless of their place of residence, and also simplifies the process of checking the results.

According to the publicist, education should be based on the formation of a holistic picture of the world … “When there is such a picture, it is easy to complete knowledge on it in any specific area of ​​activity. Unfortunately, about half a century ago, due to serious economic and political reasons in the West, education began to reverse, to the destruction of the whole picture of the world, “he explained.

” When we restore the education system aimed at creating a picture world, when we set such a goal for education, then it will be possible to decide what means are best suited to achieve this goal, “concluded Wasserman.

Earlier, Bastrykin said that the Unified State Exam should be canceled, since it is torture for the youth. Also, the chairman of the TFR called for the revival of the Soviet school of education.



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