Trump spoke about the obstacle to improving relations between the United States and Russia

Trump: The US and Russia could have done “great things” if it weren't for the smear campaign

Former US President Donald Trump told that the smear campaign that lasted most of his reign prevented Washington and Moscow from mending relations. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the interview of the ex-head of state to Fox TV channel.

According to him, to refute the accusations of domestic political opponents of collusion with Moscow, which allegedly took place during the 2016 election campaign , it took two and a half years. Trump stressed that for this reason it was difficult to interact with certain countries, including Russia. The former head of state also noted that the United States and Russia could do “some great things” that would be “very good” for both countries. “But you could not do this, because they would say about you:“ Oh, he loves Russia ”. These people are sick, “Trump summed up.

Earlier, the former US president said that his administration had managed to establish good relations with the leadership of Russia and China, which did not threaten Washington under him. “If you look at Russia, it posed no threat. We got along well with Russia. I imposed sanctions on Russia, like no one before me, I put an end to the pipeline, ”Trump said. According to him, during his rule, he also told Ukraine that he was not going to “fight” for it, Kiev should fight for itself. Trump also mentioned that he did not fly bombers over Taiwan.