The psychologist spoke about the forgotten mother's name due to COVID-19

Psychologist Mokhova: patients with “covid fog” forget their mother's names and phone numbers attention or the so-called “covid fog”. Clinical psychologist Yulia Mokhova spoke about this in an interview with Fontanka.

“A person does not remember what he ate for breakfast or how yesterday evening went. In my practice at Lenexpo, there was a case when a fairly young man literally forgot how to dial a phone number on a smartphone. Together we opened his contact list and found the contact “Mom”. It turned out that the patient did not remember the name and patronymic of his own mother, “she said.

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According to Mokhova, the most susceptible to cognitive impairment after the coronavirus are those patients who, before the illness, faced any problems with memory or emotional state.

“If a person is characterized by absent-mindedness, emotionality, pessimism, the coronavirus can multiply these conditions, “she said.

The specialist is sure that most of these problems can be restored over time, but this depends on many factors, including the presence chronic diseases and the patient's age.

Earlier, a specialist in cosmetology of the Ministry of Health of Russia warned that up to 40 percent of those who have recovered from COVID-19 face so-called post-baldness.