The likelihood of an increase in housing prices in Russia in 2022 is estimated

TASS: the rise in prices in Russian new buildings in 2022 will slow down , said experts interviewed by TASS. Thus, the rise in prices for residential real estate will slow down.

Housing under construction next year will rise in price, said the commercial director of the Strana Development group of companies Alexander Gutorov, noting that the likelihood of price increases is better to assess in each region separately. On average, prices will increase by 10-15 percent, he said.

A decrease in the cost of housing is not expected, assured Yevgenia Starkova, marketing director of the MR Group development company, as the cost of construction is increasing. Anna Boim, commercial director of the A101 group of companies, believes that if the existing trends continue, in the coming months the cost per square meter in new buildings will change by 1-2 percent. Prices will rise faster if developers' expenses continue to increase, the expert added.

Earlier, Public Commissioner for Forensic Science and Cadastral Valuation Kirill Kulakov said that in the coming months, the rise in prices for apartments in Russian new buildings will continue. In his opinion, the rise in the cost of housing will be facilitated by an increase in the cost of construction.