The girl showed luxurious gifts from a married lover and became famous on the network

Model Nikita Gonzales boasted gifts from her married lover on TikTok

A model and blogger who is dating a married luxury man and showed her became famous on social networks. Her story is quoted by the Daily Star.

Model Nikita Gonzales regularly shares photos and videos showing off gifts from her lover and showing off their travels together. It is known that a total of 12 thousand people have subscribed to the heroine's page on TikTok, and her posts have received 227 thousand likes.

According to the girl, the man regularly presents her with clothes and accessories of luxury brands. For example, he gave her a gold Rolex watch with diamonds, as well as a bag and wallet from the French brand Louis Vuitton. In addition, the lover sent Gonzales a bracelet to the Cartier jewelry house and provided a bank card, where he regularly deposits money.

“This is how my daddy apologizes that I had to pretend to be his daughter’s teacher in front of my wife,” she explained a model in one of the published videos, showing a bouquet of red roses, several packs of dollar bills, new perfume and dishes from an expensive restaurant. Gonzales noted that the guy gave her an iPhone 13.

In October, another young girl boasted luxurious gifts from her 54-year-old lover. Nicole Downs, 21, regularly posts photos of expensive clothing, cosmetics and accessories on social media. It is known that the American has been dating Michael, who is twice her age, for three years.