Russian pensioner complained about perennial floods in her apartment

The apartment of a pensioner in the south of Sakhalin has been flooded with water for six years in bad weather from constant floods. In 2020, the house underwent major repairs, but the apartment still continued to be flooded with water in bad weather, writes RIA Sakhalin-Kurily.

A woman lives on the fourth floor of an apartment building and believes that water comes to her from above – first it floods the empty room on the floor above, and then flows down the walls. The pensioner noted that six years ago, due to a strong storm, a neighbor's balcony was completely demolished – now he does not live in the apartment, and water continues to flow into her home.

With a long-term problem, the woman has repeatedly complained to the city prosecutor's office, the Korsakov mayor's office and the regional capital repair fund, but the situation has not been corrected. Specialists came with checks and carried out repairs, but the floods in the pensioner's apartment continued.

In October, the utilities found that the roof edge was collapsing, and huge pieces of the cement block were falling out onto the fifth floor. The specialists did not take any further actions, and the woman made an appointment with the mayor of the city, but still did not get there.

The Korsakov administration reported that the roof and facade of the house were repaired with a five-year guarantee in 2020 year. Representatives of the department again examined the victim's apartment and noted that the interpanel seams in the house were sealed, but the work did not give any result. A possible reason for the leaks in the mayor's office said the absence or loose adhesion of the sealing gum on the balcony door in the apartment located above.

In September, analysts called floods the most common type of accidents in Russian apartments. 76.4 percent of Russians faced a similar problem. The next most popular accidents were short circuits (4.8 percent) and illegal actions of neighbors (0.3 percent).