Russian banks will offer alternative money transfer options

Izvestia: banks introduce new ways to transfer money using Bluetooth and AirDrop

Russian banks will soon start offering alternative transfer options money using Bluetooth and AirDrop, as well as special links. This is reported by the Izvestia newspaper.

In particular, organizations are introducing new methods of money transfers, which allow transfers without a phone number, account or card. In particular, it will use Bluetooth or AirDrop for this. Another method assumes that the sender of the money will generate a link for transferring a certain amount and send it to the client of any bank via the messenger. The recipient of the link will be able to choose the card to which he will receive the funds.

The head of the Zecurion analytical center, Vladimir Ulyanov, assured that new methods of transferring money do not carry additional risks of fraud. In the case of Bluetooth or AirDrop, the app needs to work on two devices at the same time. The system with the generation of a link to write off money also does not carry significant risks, since the person himself indicates the amount and sends it, he noted.

In October it was reported that the Bank of Russia planned to fight illegal transfers from card to card and will tighten control over them. The Central Bank stated that they want to improve the system and do not seek to reduce the volume of such transactions.