Russian authorities discussed renaming a document with QR codes

RBC: the Kremlin is discussing a new name for the document with QR codes -19 and vaccinated, which will allow you to visit public places when restrictive measures are introduced due to the pandemic. This is reported by RBC.

As the sources close to the Kremlin told the publication, the authorities wanted to minimize the use of the term “QR code” in public space, since, according to closed social studies, more than half of Russian citizens refer to it negatively. The interlocutor of RBC noted that many Russians associate the phrase “QR code” with infringement of freedoms, and some consider it “satanic.”

Among the names that are being discussed as a replacement for the existing term, there are several options. For example, “health passport”, “health certificate”, “covipass”, “sanitary passport” and “green passport” (Green pass), which is already used in world practice. As a federal official noted, a QR code is “a tool for transmitting information, such as a flash drive.” According to him, it is the document that expands the restrictions for a number of citizens that should bear a different name.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the proposal of Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova to extend the validity of the certificate for up to a year after the postponed COVID-19. Golikova noted that the share of re-ill with coronavirus in Russia amounted to 0.74 percent of their total. According to Golikova, in this regard, there was a proposal to extend the validity of such certificates from six months to one year.