Revealed the purpose of the inner pocket on women's panties

The Sun: An inner pocket on women's underwear is intended for hygiene purposes The relevant material appeared on the website of the publication.

It turned out that the secret compartment does not imply the storage of small things in it. In reality, the second layer of fabric on the underwear in the intimate area is a gusset, which is intended for hygiene purposes.

The gussets are made from moisture-repellent breathable materials such as cotton that help keep you dry and ventilated. In addition, the fabric absorbs moisture well, and also reduces the risk of infection with various diseases.

It is noted that synthetic materials do not provide such protection against friction, sweat and bacteria, so the gusset, according to experts, is almost always made of cotton material.

Earlier in November, the stylist revealed the main mistakes when choosing lingerie. Marks & Spencer designer Susie Jenkinson said it's important to get the right size when shopping. The stylist added that the outline of a properly selected set will not be visible under the clothes. According to her, for the same reason, it is better to buy underwear in neutral colors, including black, beige, white, gray, milky.