Nutritionist named the most harmful nut

Nutritionist Panchenko: peanuts can be called the most harmful nut, although they are not

The most dangerous nut can be called peanuts, although in fact and not a nut. Svetlana Panchenko told RIA Novosti about this.

The expert said that peanuts, or “peanuts”, which belongs to the legume family and grows in the ground, are one of the most powerful allergens. In addition, peanuts are often exposed to molds, which can affect human health.

Panchenko also warned that all nuts contain phytic acid, which can interfere with the absorption of a number of trace elements from food, including iron. Therefore, raw nuts should be soaked for several hours and then dried, the nutritionist recommended.

Previously, nutritionist and endocrinologist Alena Barredo spoke about the universal benefits of the daily use of pistachios. According to her, pistachios are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which help lower cholesterol. They also contain vitamins A and E, which keep skin youthful, support immunity and improve vision. In addition, pistachios contain magnesium, which helps with stress and to stabilize blood pressure.