MSU professor compared the danger of the omicron strain and the delta variant

Professor of Moscow State University Agranovsky: the omicron strain of coronavirus may be milder than the delta variant

Omicron strain of the World Organization Health (WHO), is classified as “of concern”, but there is currently no evidence that it can supplant the delta option. This was stated by Alexei Agranovsky, professor of the Department of Virology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University, on the air of KP radio.

Comparing the danger of coronavirus variants, the specialist said that at the moment the delta strain dominates the world the omicron strain is more deadly, no. “Of the dozens of clinical cases that have so far been described, not a single death has been registered,” said Agranovsky.

Perhaps the omicron strain will be a milder version of the coronavirus, but this needs to be confirmed by research, the professor concluded.

Earlier, the head of the laboratory of mechanisms of population variability of pathogenic microorganisms of the Gamalea Center, Vladimir Gushchin, said that vaccination against COVID-19 would protect against severe course of infection with the omicron strain. According to him, the vaccine will act in the same way as it worked when other strains of the virus appeared.

A new strain of coronavirus under the code B.1.1.529 was detected in South Africa on November 11, and isolated cases were also recorded in European countries … The WHO recognized this option as dangerous and warned that the risk of infection with a new strain in survivors of COVID-19 may be higher.