Hungarian Foreign Minister explained the decision to be vaccinated with “Sputnik V”

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyjarto explained why the Russian Sputnik V took root vaccine “Sputnik V” on the air of Oksana Boyko's program “Opposites” on RT.

According to the Hungarian minister, the reasons for his decision are very clear. “When I was a child, I was vaccinated with vaccines produced in Russia, then the Soviet Union. Well, since I am alive and everything is in order with me, why change something? ” – he asked a question.

Earlier, Peter Siyarto said that the issue of recognition of the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V” in Europe is political and ideological. He clarified that every time they meet, European politicians say that the Russian vaccine is working well, but publicly make the opposite statements.

Hungary became the first country in Europe to allow the use of a Russian drug and register it on an accelerated basis … There, Sputnik V also showed the best protective efficacy against deaths, where, in addition to it, four more vaccines are used.