Homeless people are at risk due to climate change

Philanthropists called on the British government to save the homeless from the climate crisis weather conditions that have appeared as a result of climate change on the planet. The letter was published by The Guardian on behalf of the organizations.

In their letter, heads of three major UK charities – Shelter, Homeless Link and Crisis – said that the homeless are at increased risk of the climate crisis, which poses a threat to their lives. They called on the government to take urgent action and improve the conditions of citizens in need of housing amid the approaching winter. “Obviously, the climate emergency only exacerbates the housing emergency. The homeless are already feeling the dire effects of floods and heat waves. Rising fossil fuel prices have left many people with a choice between heating their homes and paying rent, ”said Shelter CEO Polly Neath.

She warned that the coming winter would be difficult. Therefore, charitable organizations expect guaranteed assistance from the government, including financial. Their goal is to get all homeless people off the streets to protect them from extreme weather. For example, in the summer of 2021, floods in Britain washed away many tents for the homeless. At the end of November, storm Arwen hit the country, wind gusts of which reached a speed of 160 kilometers per hour.

Charities also fear that it will be difficult to improve people's living conditions while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In this regard, they invited the government to develop a joint strategy. Presumably, it will include rules for the construction of homes for the needy, which will also help Britain reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

From March 2020 to February 2021, the British government provided temporary housing to approximately 37 thousand citizens. However, representatives of the organizations noted that many of these people have already returned to the streets and faced severe cold and winds.

At the end of August, experts predicted that in the next decade, climate change could also cause major changes in the British economy. Some industries have been found to be the most at risk, including agriculture, for which 71 percent of UK land was used in 2020. The industry has faced the impact of extreme weather conditions such as floods and droughts. There were also shortages of grass for feeding cattle and problems with the availability of drinking water.