Foreign Ministry denies new restrictions due to omicron strain

“Interfax”: the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the Deputy Minister did not announce new restrictions

the country is expected to introduce new restrictive measures due to the omicron strain of the coronavirus. Interfax writes about this.

According to the agency, the ministry drew attention to the inaccurate media citing the words of Deputy Foreign Minister Ivanov about alleged new restrictions due to COVID-19.

Earlier it was reported that the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yevgeny Ivanov said that the operational headquarters would announce additional coronavirus restrictions in connection with the emergence of the omicron strain.

A new strain of coronavirus under the code B.1.1.529 was detected in South Africa on November 11 , isolated cases were also recorded in European countries. The WHO recognized this option as dangerous and warned that the risk of infection with a new strain in survivors of COVID-19 may be higher.