FMBA announced the timing of the creation of a test to identify the omicron strain

Head of FMBA Skvortsova: it takes nine days to create a test to detect the omicron strain

Head of the Federal Biomedical Agency (FMBA) Veronica Skvortsova on the air of the Russia 24 TV channel called the time frame for creating a test to detect the omicron strain of coronavirus.

According to her, FMBA is ready to make a test system in nine days. “Now we will very quickly make a set for this omicron, because the design takes three to four days, five days to create this test system itself,” she noted.

Skvortsova added that the new version of COVID is 19 is interesting in that he actually summed up those mutations that were accumulated by previous strains.

Earlier, the director of the Gamaleya Center Alexander Gintsburg said that experimental work on creating a vaccine against a new strain of coronavirus infection omicron would take no more than ten days .



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