Disclosed the effect of the omicron strain on the course of COVID-19

Gunzburg: with the omicron strain, the body has more time to develop immunity

With the omicron strain, the severe form of coronavirus may take longer, than with other options, due to the large number of mutations. This gives the body more time to develop immunity. The director of the Gamaleya Center Alexander Gintsburg told TASS about this.

He noted that a large number of mutations does not mean that the disease will be more difficult. “This can just affect, I really hope that this will weaken his ability to form syncytia (cells that merge into a single mass – approx.” Lenta.ru “), [will reduce] the speed of transition from infection before penetration into the lungs, “- explained Gunzburg.

According to him, if this process proceeds in the same way as in the previous strains, then memory cells will work and protect the body. “That is, the number of cases of serious illness will sharply decrease, despite the fact that the infectiousness will be the same or even more,” the doctor said.

Earlier, Gunzburg called the timeline for the development of a new vaccine against the omicron strain. According to him, it will take no more than ten days. The approval of the new vaccine by the Ministry of Health may take another month and a half, if the department “pauses” all regulatory and licensing procedures.



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