Chinese woman swims to the border to work in Russia

A resident of China swam across the Russian border on the Amur River to get a job to the border in order to get a job in Russia. This was reported on the website of the Prosecutor's Office of the Amur Region.

As it became known, in the summer of this year, the Chinese woman made a pleasure cruise on a motor ship, during which she looked at the place of the closest approach to the Russian coast. On the same day, but in the evening, she again purchased a ticket for the ship. At the moment of passing the place, the 23-year-old girl jumped into the river, after which she crossed the Russian border by swimming, passing along the main channel of the Amur River.

Later, the Chinese citizen was found by officers of the border department of the FSB of Russia in the Amur Region. The Chinese woman is accused of illegally crossing the state border, she faces up to two years in prison.

On August 29, it became known that a Russian citizen was detained in Japan who arrived on the Japanese island of Hokkaido from one of the Kuril Islands. Presumably, the man swam to another country in a wetsuit. Later, Japan denied him refugee status.