Chief US infectious disease specialist named a way to protect against the omicron strain of COVID-19

Fauci: vaccinated people need to get a booster dose of vaccine to protect against the omicron strain a way to protect yourself from the omicron strain of COVID-19. He stated this on the air of NBC.

According to him, it is absolutely necessary that unvaccinated people get vaccinated, and vaccinated people receive a booster dose of vaccine. He stressed that when a person receives an additional dose of the vaccine, his level of protection rises sharply.

Earlier, Fauci said that the omicron strain will sooner or later spread everywhere, including in the United States. “We haven't found it yet, but when you have a virus with this transmission rate, and there are travel-related cases that have already been found elsewhere. When we are faced with such a virus, there are practically no options that the spread will be widespread, ”Fauci estimated the chances of the virus spreading.



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