Cardiologist named ways to restore the heart after suffering COVID-19

Cardiologist Antipenko: sleep and quitting smoking will help restore the heart after COVID-19

elevated temperature. Cardiologist Evgenia Antipenko named ways to improve heart function after coronavirus, Tula Novosti Service reports.

stress and smoking cessation, “- said the doctor.

According to her, it is also necessary to start recovery with breathing and gymnastic exercises, which are performed at a slow pace. You can start with lifting the ball over your head, bending and circular movements of the body, she explained.

Previously, biologist Ancha Baranova gave advice to Russians who had been ill with COVID-19. According to her, first of all, it is worth excluding myocarditis – for this it is necessary to visit a cardiologist. The rest of the doctors need to go through only if there are symptoms, the specialist emphasized.