BMW driver who escaped police chase on Moscow Ring Road was sent to jail

A BMW driver detained with drugs after a chase with shooting on the Moscow Ring Road was arrested on the Moscow Ring Road. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

A 23-year-old man, in whose car they found three kilograms of mephedrone, was arrested until January 26. He was accused of illegal sale of drugs on an especially large scale.

Earlier it was reported that during a search in his apartment, they found another five kilograms of synthetic banned substances. They were packaged in plastic bags of various sizes. In total, police officers counted 20 thousand doses of the drug.

On November 26, on the inner side of the Moscow Ring Road, traffic police officers stopped a car to check documents, but the 23-year-old driver abruptly pressed the gas pedal. While trying to escape, he crashed into several cars. The security forces blocked his BMW, the violator was detained.