Basque with painted nails showed a new tattoo on his neck

Nikolai Baskov surprised fans with a tattoo in the form of a glass and a bright manicure

Russian singer Nikolai Baskov surprised fans with a new tattoo and a bright manicure. The publication appeared on his Instagram page on Monday, November 29.

The 45-year-old musician posted a picture showing a new tattoo on his neck in the form of a cup with the inscription Voice. At the same time, the artist did not specify whether the drawing on his body is temporary. In addition, Baskov showed nails painted with black varnish. “Everyone has an easy week and don't be afraid to experiment,” he signed the post.

Subscribers were ambivalent about the singer's new photo, which got 38 thousand likes within the first hour after publication. So, some admired the image of the idol. “Wow”, “Manicure fire”, “Just handsome”, “Dear, this is fire!”, “Stylishly”, “Wow, very unexpected,” they said.

at the same time, other netizens scolded Baskov for his unusual image. “Nails, seriously?”, “Who are you a woman”, “There are no words”, “Why?”, “I also painted my nails”, “What is all this for?” , “Disappointed,” the commentators complained.

In November 2020, Russian male celebrities came to the GQ Awards with painted nails. For example, rapper Alisher Valeev, who became famous under the pseudonym Morgenstern, came out in a tuxedo, black shirt and nails of the same color. He was photographed together with blogger Danya Milokhin, who applied a black and white drawing in the form of smiling faces to his nails.