Application campaign of the competition “Leaders of Education. School “extended until December 10

More than 30 thousand people have registered on the website of the project “Leaders of Education. School “

Acceptance of applications for participation in the new all-Russian project of the presidential platform” Russia – the country of opportunities “- the professional competition” Leaders of Education. School ”- extended until December 10. More than 30 thousand people have already registered on the website of the project flagshipobrazovaniya.rf. The competition is supported by the Russian Ministry of Education.

“The project” Leaders of Education. School “aroused great interest among teachers, we have already received more than 30 thousand applications. In recent days, there has been a special surge in registrations, so we decided to give everyone another 10 days to submit applications and form teams. The leading regions in terms of the number of registrations change every time. To date, St. Petersburg has come out on top with almost 2,000 applications, followed by the Nizhny Novgorod Region (1,315 participants), the Chechen Republic (almost 1,200 applications), Krasnodar Territory (1,170 applications) and the Sverdlovsk Region (805 applications), ”he said. Alexey Komissarov, CEO of the autonomous non-profit organization “Russia – the Land of Opportunities.

To apply for the competition, it is necessary to assemble a team of four employees from one educational organization. There are schools from which several teams have registered. Applications for the competition come from all regions of Russia. Moreover, one third of the contestants are representatives of rural schools. In one of these, located in the village of Tumanny, Murmansk region, there are only 15 students. Among the participants there are also teachers of institutions for children with disabilities.

After registration, participants will have to undergo remote testing. Then the intramural semifinals will take place in eight federal districts of Russia. The final will feature 100 winning teams. Both experienced employees of educational organizations and those with little experience can participate in it.

Winners will have the opportunity to undergo educational programs and internships, enter the personnel reserve, compete with management teams of schools from all regions of the country, as well as receive gifts from the partners of the competition.

The Competition “Leaders of Education” is implemented within the framework of the federal project “Social elevators for everyone” of the national project “Education.