Apple's new wireless charger revealed

Apple may resurrect canceled AirPower charging

Apple plans to release canceled AirPower accessory to charge multiple gadgets simultaneously. This is reported by the 9to5mac edition.

Related materials00: 02 – May 26 Safety factor. Apple released iPad with a processor from a computer. Why does he need such power? 00:02 – March 18 More expensive than moneyJournalists cite Bloomberg author Mark Gurman, who revealed Apple's plans. In his report, Gourmet noted that top managers of the American corporation are going to revive the canceled AirPower charging. In 2019, Apple stopped development of the device because it did not meet “high company standards.” According to Gurman, this will be a full-fledged Qi-device that can simultaneously charge several gadgets.

The author also said that the company's engineers are working on a new technology that allows charging devices over short and long distances. In this case, Apple can completely abandon wired charging. In addition, in the near future, brand devices will be able to charge from each other. “Imagine the iPad is charging the iPhone, and then the iPhone is charging the AirPods or Apple Watch,” said Gourmet.

In conclusion, the analyst noted that the new chargers will have nothing to do with the accessories that are currently available in the Apple online store. The gourmet recalled the MagSafe Duo charger released in 2020, which can work with smartphones and smartwatches.

At the end of November, the authoritative insider Ming-Chi Kuo said that the release of the first VR- Apple's helmet will take place in 2022. The specialist described the new device as an AR headset with virtual reality functions.



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