56-year-old Brooke Shields showed a figure in a swimsuit and delighted fans

Model Brooke Shields showed a video in which she was captured in the pool in a swimsuit

American model and actress Brooke Shields showed and a figure in a swimsuit delighted the fans. The corresponding publication appeared on her Instagram page.

The 56-year-old celebrity shared a video in which she was captured in the pool on the territory of the house in a one-piece red bathing suit. Shields' hair is gathered in a bun, and her look was complemented by sunglasses, a chain around her neck and a watch. “A new tradition in honor of Thanksgiving,” she signed the post, which received more than 56 thousand likes.

Fans appreciated the slender physique of the model and began to write compliments in the comments. “This body, Brooke!”, “Still stunning”, “The Kardashian sisters are far from you. You look amazing, Brooke! “,” Fair Lady “,” My Endless Love “, – said the users.

In October last year, Brooke Shields explained her desire to be photographed in a bikini by her belief in her beauty. According to the celebrity, her daughter prompted her to wear a bikini and take candid photos at the age of 55. The star said that thanks to the support of her children and a personal trainer, she learned to love her figure and show it with pride.