Zelensky accused of preparing to gain unlimited power

Former deputy of Rada Muraev: introducing martial law Zelensky will receive unlimited power OUR ”accused President Volodymyr Zelensky of the fact that he was preparing to introduce martial law in the country, while receiving unlimited power. According to him, in this case, he will be able to restrict the work of the media, rights and freedoms, as well as introduce a curfew.

“What will martial law give Zelensky: he will be able to restrict the media, rights and freedoms, there may be a curfew … This gives him unlimited power for the duration of martial law. I really hope that the Verkhovna Rada will not agree to this, without it it is impossible to do this, “said the ex-Rada deputy.

Earlier, Muraev said that Europe has been under US occupation since 1945. According to the politician, only Russia and China are capable of helping to free her. He noted that countries want to live by their own interests, and not an agenda that is imposed on them from overseas. In his opinion, if we are talking about a large continental union, then the presidential form of government is not suitable for Ukraine.



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