Ukraine appreciated the possibility of the appearance of its own “Vladimir Putin”

Political scientist Zolotarev: there is no person in Ukraine who can rein in the oligarchs .ru “appreciated the possibility of the appearance in Ukraine of his analogue of Vladimir Putin, capable of repelling the oligarchs and restraining them, as well as withdrawing the country from external control. In his opinion, given the current political situation in the country, this is impossible.

“Under current conditions, it is not, since the Ukrainian political and business elite is by definition comprador. Even if such a person is found, he will be knocked down on the outskirts, “the political scientist noted.

Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba accused Russia of allegedly wanting a” failure “of the Minsk agreements, which would” unleash hands ”and ensured freedom of action. According to him, Ukraine has never violated these agreements, and “there is nothing better than the Minsk agreements.”



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