Ukraine accused Russia of wanting to “fail” the Minsk agreements

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba said that Russia wants the Minsk agreements to “fail”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba accused Russia of she allegedly wants the “failure” of the Minsk agreements, which would “untie her hands” and ensure freedom of action. He expressed this opinion in an interview with the German newspaper Zeit.

“I think Russia would be glad to the failure of the agreements, because he would free her hands and give her more freedom of action. But we do not want to provide them with such a luxury, “Kuleba said, noting that Ukraine has never violated these agreements, and” there is nothing better than the Minsk agreements. “

At the same time, Russia has repeatedly called on Kiev not to violate Minsk agreements and start negotiations on a political settlement of the Ukrainian conflict. However, according to Russian politicians, Kiev refuses to meet halfway.

Earlier, Kuleba said that Ukraine is conducting a “very active dialogue” with other states that are ready to supply military equipment “to strengthen the ability to defend”, but he did not. The Foreign Minister clarified that weapons, like money, “love silence.”



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