The psychologist named the signs of male infidelity

Devaney Psychologist: Cheating Woman Feels Something Wrong explained how to understand that a partner lives in two families. She told about this in her blog.

Devaney explained that men have a second family, because their relationship with his mistress over time can develop into something more than just an intimate relationship, and they do not want to give up their wife, because they are used to a certain relationship. The psychologist is sure that sooner or later the woman who is being cheated begins to feel that something is wrong. “It is not a myth that women have a sixth sense, they will definitely discover deception. Another thing is how to collect evidence, “- said the specialist.

One of the signs of betrayal may be the desire to guard the phone, says Devani. If a man is afraid to leave the gadget unattended or sets a complex password on it, then most likely he is hiding something. The psychologist also believes that if a partner has changed once, then the likelihood of new connections on the side increases.

The dramatically changed lifestyle of the partner can testify to the betrayal, Devani believes. For example, a man who is accustomed to sleeping for a long time in the mornings on weekends may start to wake up earlier and leave for urgent business meetings or meetings with friends.

Usually the cheating person becomes suspicious and begins to aggressively guard his territory, the psychologist noted. A man's unwillingness to appear with his partner in public can be evidence of infidelity. In response to questions about where the man was, aggression and accusations of the woman that she is interrogating him may follow.

For those who doubt their partner's loyalty, Devaney recommends openly talking to him about their feelings and, if possible, collect information from friends and relatives.

Earlier it was reported that the self-proclaimed “homebreaker” from the United States named the main signs by which one can recognize a betrayal of a partner – the list included frequent trips to the shower and gifts without reason. Forgetfulness and lack of attention to words can also indicate infidelity.