The harm of strong tea is revealed

Nutritionist Khachirova: Strongly brewed tea with comfrey increases blood pressure and affects the liver

Nutritionist and cardiologist Asiyat Khachirova has healing, but also destructive properties. The specialist revealed the harm of this drink in an interview with Channel Five.

Khachirova warned that strong brewed tea in large quantities causes “tea intoxication”, increases blood pressure and pulse. In addition, a person develops anxiety and physical activity, which are subsequently replaced by nausea and vomiting, weakness and anxiety-depressive state.

In addition, herbs or berries are often added to tea leaves. In particular, in the Caucasus, it is customary to supplement the drink with comfrey, which is capable of damaging the liver.

“Comfrey contains the alkaloid pyrrolysine – it has been proven that pyrrolysine causes toxic liver damage. Therefore, I ask you to use this tea with caution, ”explained the nutritionist.